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Retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson works with The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. to develop and share practical, economical safety tips for Canadians 50-plus. To read and print more safety tips, and to view Sergeant Bob’s appearance schedule, visit SeniorSafetyTips.ca.

Senior Safety Tip of the Month – September 2022

SCHOOL BUS SAFETY UPDATE: Changes to school bus flashing lights

All drivers must be aware of new overhead AMBER flashing lights that are now mandatory on school buses.*

The new, overhead flashing amber lights will now be activated prior to the traditional red flashing lights and are designed to warn approaching and following drivers that the bus is preparing to stop to load or discharge students. The bus operator is required to activate the new amber lights 300 feet prior to activating the traditional red over head red lights and stopping the bus.

Be on the look out for the new lighting systems as the chrome yellow school buses return to our roads in September.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Stop in both directions when approaching a school bus with activated overhead flashing lights. Whether you’re on a single multi-lane road, you must stop. The only exception when approaching from the front is if a permanent median strip or wall separates traffic from the oncoming bus. Always stop 20 metres behind the bus when approaching from the rear. Be patient and don’t creep up. Remain completely stopped until children are clear and overhead flashers are turned off.

Be extra vigilant when school resumes, as drivers and young children will be adapting to the school buses, many for the first time. Please share these rules with other drivers who may not be aware. To read more Sergeant Bob school bus safety tips, click here.

A Senior Safety Tip Special Report

Aggressive Charitable Donation Requests: Two Step Protection Program

If you’re comfortable donating to a trusted, legitimate non-profit that respects you and your money, please continue. However, if you find yourself being approached by an aggressive or unscrupulous organization, follow Sergeant Bob’s easy two step program before donating your money or sharing any financial information:

  1. When approached by an organization, ask for the registered name (both spelling and abbreviations) and most importantly, their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) charitable registration number.
    • Visit Canada.ca and search for the List of Charities.
    • Ensure the organization is REGISTERED, not fraudulent, under review, penalized, suspended or cancelled.
    • Entering the charitable registration number under “Advanced search” yields a faster, more accurate search than the name.
  1. If approached by an organization in person, by phone, online or via mail, follow Sergeant Bob’s tried & true C.P.R. test, and stop the discussion IMMEDIATELY if you feel:
    • C – Confused… about the organization, where your money is actually going, payment plans, etc.
    • P – Pressured… about the results, fears and feeling of guilt of not donating.
    • R – Rushed… into quickly donating, sharing PIN information, eliminating your research time.

To learn more about Sergeant Bob’s C.P.R. test - “First Aid” for Potential Fraud Victims, Click Here.

Senior Safety Tips COVID-19 Update

FRAUD ALERT: Investment Safety Reminder for Seniors

Sergeant Bob doesn’t provide investment advice but does remind investors – seniors in particular – to slow down and do your research before investing, especially during COVID-19 when scammers have been more aggressive.

This is a timely reminder, following an extensive RCMP investigation and January 2022 sentencing of two Individuals convicted of defrauding 1,900 investors out of millions. Even with the conviction, the chance of victims recovering any lost money is low.

It may sound simple, but alarm bells should be going off when a deal sounds “too good to be true”, such as the promise of high return with NO risk. Other signs to watch for include the advisor and/or company no being registered, any suggestion of insider information, and being forced to “invest now”.

Sergeant Bob recommends that you follow his general C.P.R. fraud prevention guidelines, and stop the investment process if:

C – you are feeling CONFUSEDP – you are feeling PRESSUREDR – you are feeling RUSHED.

For tips on avoiding investor fraud and professional advice on ethical investing, individuals and investment firms look to:

The Canadian Anti Fraud CentreCanadian Securities Administrators

Senior Safety Tips COVID-19 Update

Respect Disabled Parking Spots: “I was only there for a minute” doesn’t just cut it!

Because of COVID-19, you’ll likely see changes to parking lots and signage as we adapt to pedestrian access, physical distancing, cart sanitizing, barriers, etc. Let’s take care of those who need our assistance whether it’s inside the building or in the parking area.

It should go without saying that the designated parking spots and disabled permits are intended to minimize discomfort and risk to individuals dealing with a temporary or permanent health issue. And yet, some drivers without the legitimate permit routinely use the spots marked for disabled parking.

  • If you have a legitimate parking permit, ensure that it is CLEARLY DISPLAYED so there’s no confusion or argument.
  • STAY OUT of the spots designated for disabled parking unless you are authorized to use them.

When the appropriate charge is laid by police or bylaw officer, the common response is “But I was only in the spot for a minute”. This excuse is of no interest to the person laying the charge or to the person with a disability circling the parking lot in frustration.

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