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Home Care Assistance Plan
for CARP Members

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CARP Home Care Assistance

Available Lifetime Benefits

CARP Home Care Assistance is an insurance program that offers the following benefits:
  • Home Care Benefits: Covers essential services, supplies and equipment while you are physically or cognitively dependent and residing at home.
  • Health Plan Benefits: Covers eligible expenses incurred due to illness or injury. You can access these value-added benefits without having to qualify under traditional long term care benefit requirements.
  • Tax Benefits: CARP Home Care Assistance qualifies as a CRA recognized Private Health Services Plan, whereby the premiums can be used towards either the medical expense tax credit, or as a business expense if one is a sole proprietor/partner or runs a corporation. Either way any benefits received are non-taxable.
  • MyDignity is here to help: As CARP Home Care Assistance is a reimbursement program that allows you to decide where and how to spend your money, the MyDignity specialists take the time to assess your support requirements, explain which benefits are most likely to be needed and used, and which are unique to the program. They’ll discuss your options, then prepare a customized personal care plan with a coverage solution to meet your needs and budget.
CARP Home Care Assistance offers overall maximum benefit amounts over the policyholder’s lifetime:
HOME CARE BENEFITS - Reimbursement for services, supplies, equipment for home care while you are physically or cognitively dependent.
No waiting period for benefits to be payable.
Plan Lifetime Benefit Amounts $50,000 $100,000
Personal support worker (PSW) or certified nursing assistant, including a registered nurse $75 per day,
200 days per year,
$15,000 per year
$75 per day,
200 days per year,
$15,000 per year
Respite services - for informal caregiver reprieve $3,000 per year $3,000 per year
Home conversion expenses - chair lifts, ramps, bathroom modifications, etc. $10,000 lifetime maximum $15,000 lifetime maximum
Prepared meals - from outside the home $500 per month,
$6,000 per year
$700 per month,
total $8,400 per year
Psychological services - for informal caregiver $1,250 per year $1,500 per year
Registered specialists - occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, dietician, physiotherapist, audiologist $1,250 at 90% per year for each specialist $1,500 per year for each specialist
Incontinence supplies - bowel and/or bladder 90% up to $1,500 per year $1,500 per year
Moving allowance - to a facility $1,000 lifetime $1,000 lifetime
Transportation expenses $750 per year $750 per year
Health monitoring system $1,000 per year $1,000 per year
In addition to the key benefits above, the following services are also covered when one is physically or cognitively dependent (limits apply to each benefit).
Medical supplies, purchase or rental of equipment, accessories for diabetics, support hose, orthopedic shoes Included Included
Podiatrist, naturopath, speech therapist, tens, hearing aids, wigs, Maxi-mist machine, including the masks, or a CPAP machine, external breast prostheses following a mastectomy Included Included
HEALTH PLAN BENEFITS - Reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred due to an illness or injury.
One can access the benefits below immediately. No qualification to be physically or cognitively dependent required.
Plan Lifetime Benefit Amounts $50,000 $100,000
Hospitalization $150 per day for room upgrade
Lifetime maximum: 180 days
$200 per day for room upgrade
Lifetime maximum: 180 days
Convalescent hospital $50 per day for room upgrade
Lifetime maximum: 120 days
$60 per day for room upgrade
Lifetime maximum: 120 days
Ambulance Included Included
Air ambulance $5,000 per year $5,000 per year
Diagnostic laboratory tests Included Included
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) $750 per year $750 per year
Accidental dental $5,000 per accident $5,000 per accident
Medical Second Opinion Included Included
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