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Home Care Assistance Plan
for CARP Members

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CARP Home Care Assistance

Important Plan Details

CARP Home Care Assistance is a customized personal care plan that MyDignity will create for you. It’s an insurance solution that meets your support needs, and your budget.

Reimbursement is provided for essential services, supplies and equipment so you can receive the care you need in your own home. The specialists at MyDignity will assess your support requirements, determine which benefits are most likely to be needed, and walk you through your options. Click to view the complete list of Available Benefits.

CARP Home Care Assistance vs. government plan home care

Many people mistakenly believe the government will take care of them, but funding is limited at best. Further, if a person has limitations for the instrumental activities of daily living - that allow them to live independently - such as dressing, medical management, housekeeping, meal preparation, telephone use, transportation or shopping, they would not qualify for government home care funding. Instead, many are placed in hospitals or a care facility.

With government plans you’re a RECIPIENT of care, with no control over WHO treats you, WHEN you receive care, WHAT services are provided, and no support for instrumental activities of daily living. CARP Home Care Assistance lets you be a CONSUMER of care, with 100% control over the care you are provided, WHO treats you and WHEN, and WHAT services are provided. You’ll have the flexibility to direct your care how you wish – whether it be for meal preparation, personal care, home making, or community outings.


Program partners, MyDignity have over 40 years’ experience in long term care insurance. As one of the largest providers in Canada, their expertise with issues concerning long term care insurance, and commitment to client education is second to none.

CARP Home Care Assistance

  • CARP Home Care Assistance is easy to obtain and affordable.
  • About 95% of all applicants are approved.
  • There’s no medical underwriting required, just a simple application with a health declaration for immediate acceptance and no waiting period for benefits.

vs. Traditional Long Term Care Insurance

  • Long term care insurance products are difficult to obtain and expensive.
  • About 50% of applicants are declined.
  • Underwriting includes five years of medical records including doctors’ clinical notes, and the application process is detailed and cumbersome.

Yes, CARP Home Care Assistance is an exclusive benefit of Simplified Long Term Care Insurance for CARP Members. But in this case, the word “simplified” really speaks about convenience and your ability to qualify for coverage. Our focus is on home care - helping you remain in your home for as long as possible.

CARP Home Care Assistance is easy to obtain. Even those previously declined for traditional long term care insurance may qualify. And it’s affordable. The premiums for coverage of $50,000 start as low as $53.20 for a male age 50. Couples who apply together receive additional savings on both plans. Premiums are based on your age at the time of application. CARP Home Care Assistance offers lifetime benefits, available for purchase to age 80.

AND CRA’s BEST KEPT SECRET: CARP Home Care Assistance qualifies as a Private Health Services Plan, whereby the premiums can be used towards either the medical expense tax credit, or as a business expense if one is a sole proprietor/partner or runs a corporation. Either way any benefits received are non-taxable.

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