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Pet Insurance Program
for CARP Members

Pet Insurance for CARP Members

Protect your pet with one of Canada’s top rated pet insurers

Did you know that about 50% of pet insurance claims are for chronic conditions with reoccurring vet bills?1 And that when you factor all expenses such as tests, accommodations and medications, even routine treatments can cost you thousands?

No pet owner wants their decision about veterinary treatment to be determined by cost.

Pet Insurance for CARP Members is designed to protect dog and cat owners against expensive medical costs. We’ve teamed up with Pets Plus Us® to offer two plans with comprehensive insurance coverage that offers protection from accident or illness for your pet, and preferred rates for CARP members. You’ll save 5% when you use partner/promo code CARP.

  • 4Life Guarantee: All Pets Plus Us coverage comes with our 4Life Guarantee. Once you’ve enrolled, your benefits are guaranteed to renew each year for your pet’s entire lifetime.
  • No Breed Exclusion: No breed exclusions - we cover every breed, and even health conditions associated with a breed, if there aren’t pre-existing when your coverage starts.
  • Coverage at Any Age: No pet is too old for coverage. Though we do recommend starting your policy as early as possible – because there will likely be fewer pre-existing conditions.
  • Know What’s Covered From The Start: We’ll look at your pet’s health records and let you know if anything’s not covered when you buy, so there are no surprises later on.
  • Protection From The Start, No Waiting Period: So you and your veterinarian can make choices that are right for your pet’s health. Plus, we’ve simplified the claims process.
  • Alternative Therapies Are Covered: Naturopathy, hydrotherapy, chiropractic care and additional treatments are included in our plan without having to purchase additional coverage.

Flex Care


Flex Care is an optional coverage “add-on” to Pets Plus Us Accident & Illness policies. It’s designed to help you feel confident and secure in planning your pet’s routine and seasonal care. Flex Care provides the flexibility to supplement the coverage offered in the pet owner’s policy.

Flex Care provides convenience and peace-of-mind, allowing pet owners to spread the cost of their pet’s routine and seasonal health care across 12 months, in preset amounts. No more large bills all at once!


  • Includes annual exams, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, nail trimming, dental care, and even coverage for pre-existing conditions


  • Coverage is available on the policy effective date, no additional waiting periods apply
  • Flex Care coverage is used outside the Accident & Illness policy for conditions which would otherwise not be eligible for coverage
  • The pet owner chooses the budget that works best for them, and decide the dollar amount starting from $250 up to a maximum of $1,250 annually, in $100 increments
  • A non-refundable $25 administration fee will be collected upon enrollment, and at each annual policy anniversary

Pets are an important part of the family. We don’t like to think about our dog or cat getting sick or injured, but it can happen. With Pet Insurance for CARP Members, you can protect your pet with one of Canada’s top rated pet insurers - to keep your cat or dog happy and healthy in the event of an accident or illness.

To learn more, contact Pets Plus Us® today:

Toll-Free: 1.844.863.3525 • Online Quote: CLICK HERE

Attention Current PetCare Pet Insurance Policyholders:

For customer service and claims assistance with our previous pet insurance program, call toll-free: 1.877.851.4522

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