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Small Business Solutions
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Small Business Solutions

Finally, CARP members have hassle-free insurance protection for small businesses. We offer easy and affordable insurance solutions for your business’ property and contents, company vehicles, day-to-day operations, and your employees.

Our Small Business Insurance Solutions Can Protect:
  • Your Commercial Property: Including your building, any equipment you use for your business, fixtures and furnishings, inventory and supplies. We have even built in protection for sewer back-up, flood, earthquake and equipment breakdown.
  • Your Commercial General Liability: Designed to provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties for which your business is legally liable.
  • Your Bottom Line: Business Interruption insurance offers coverage that will replace your lost business income and help to cover expenses if your business is unable to maintain normal operations as a result of an insured loss.
  • You Against Crime: Too often you hear about situations where businesses are broken into and property is stolen or when a trusted employee commits a dishonest or fraudulent act with the manifest intent to cause you to sustain loss or damage. We can provide coverage for your business to protect you against such losses.
  • Your Company Vehicles: Are all the people, partnerships and/or corporations that own vehicles currently listed on your automobile policy properly named? Even a small mistake in this area can – if an accident occurs – cause an insurer to deny your claim. That’s why we take extra care to make sure your company vehicles are insured right.
  • Your Home Office: Your regular insurance may not cover all your business’ assets like your home office equipment or any liability that goes with operating a business out of your house.

Our Small Business Solutions include a number of value-added services* with your policy to enhance your current coverage:

  • Risk Management Assist* offers invaluable insights on how you can reduce your exposure to risk.
  • Trauma Assist® offers access to counseling and other services for you and any of your employees who may have suffered an insured traumatic loss.
  • Legal Expense Insurance* provides you with legal advice to any inquiries you may have related to your business.

And don’t forget, whether it’s for your vehicles, house, condo or vacation home, Auto & Home Insurance for CARP Members offers the coverage you need for the wheels beneath your feet and the roof over your head.

Make an Informed Decision

As CARP’s recommended insurance provider, we have a responsibility to help you make an informed buying decision. No matter which insurance product you require, or provider you choose, our best advice is to educate yourself before you buy. That’s why we offer information that will help you review programs “apples-to-apples”.

Small Business Insurance
Proper insurance can be vital to your business’ survival

Entrepreneurial boomers who began their businesses in the post-recession economy have become a major presence in the start-up community. If you are an entrepreneur and small business owner, it is critical for you to obtain insurance protection for losses that could possibly threaten your operations.

Purchasing the appropriate insurance coverage will help to protect your organization from financial risk.

There is no “one size fits all” solution, as businesses operating in different industries have assorted coverage needs. Determine your small business” specific requirements before selecting coverage and policy limits.

Small business insurance coverage options include:
  • Business Interruption
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Cyber Risks & Data Breach
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Professional Liability

HOME-BASED BUSINESSES: If you are running a business out of your home, your standard home insurance policy may offer only limited coverage for assets such as office equipment, paperwork and inventory. Talk with an insurance representative about additional coverage to ease the risk of a major loss.

From a client or supplier slipping on the front porch, to being sued due to an issue with your product or service, liability is serious risk for the owners of home-based businesses. Along with helping you manage and mitigate your business – and personal – risks, securing a stand-alone insurance policy for your home-based business will provide you with peace of mind.

GREAT RESOURCE: To read more about small business insurance, log onto the Insurance Bureau of Canada website: www.ibc.ca.

A FINAL WORD: The McLennan Group urges you to be certain the program selected is right for your needs. Always read the fine print and ask questions before you buy, because insurance without proper coverage is like having no insurance at all. Remember, your protection is our priority.

Home-Based Businesses, Start-Ups & Direct Sellers!

Here’s Insurance Protection Starting At $42.00 Per Month

  • $2,000,000 liability limit.
  • For businesses with yearly revenues of $250,000 or less.
  • NO monthly financing fees.

Valuable Services Added

Your coverage is enhanced with services like Trauma Assist® and Legal Expense Insurance* included.

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